30 Years of Dance

House of Mind
House of Mind
House of Mind 2008

An installation performance work set in a 5,000 square-foot raw space.

Vivian Girls
the Vivian girls 2004

Set to the artwork of Henry Darger with music by Martin Hayes and Amy Denio.

Tattoo 2001

Tattoo completed the triptych that includes Faith and Sleep, which took over ten years to create.

Meditation Movement Project 1996

Featured 130 female martial artists aged 8-60.

Sleep 1995

A dance in which the hero develops through exposure to sleep.

Sax House
Sax House 1992

Featured live music by the Billy tipton memorial Saxophone Quartet.

Faith 1991

Premiered at OntheBoards at the Moore Theater.

College of Holy Names
College of Holy Names 1988

Premiered at OntheBoards.

Light Years
Light Years 1988

Pacific Northwest Ballet premiered at Seattle Opera House.

Pagan Love Song
Pagan Love Song 1987

Premiered as part of Allegro! Dance Series at Meany Hall.

Seven Uneven
Seven Uneven 1987

A work for 7 gymnasts on seven sets of uneven parallel bars.

Childrenz Muzeum
Childrenz Muzeum 1985

Premiered at OntheBoards, NW New Works.

This is a Very Soft and Low
This is a Very Soft and Low 1982

Premiered OntheBoards, Three New Works.

Gestural Rhythms
Gestural Rhythms 1982

Pictured: Pat Graney.

Swallow 1982

A site specific performance piece performed at Virginia Street Lofts.